Department of Chemistry


  • Training of underrepresented groups in the sciences.
  • The Crespo Group gives summer research opportunities to local high school students to encourage early interest and participation in the field of Chemistry. Dr. Crespo is also the PI and coordinator of the ACS SEED Program at CWRU.

  • SEED

    Figure legend: High school students and their graduate student mentors of the 2013 ACS SEED Summer Research Program.


    Figure legend: 2013 ACS Project SEED poster presentation.


    Figure legend: High school students from the 2009 SEED Program presenting their summer research works.

  • Associated Faculty of the Minority Graduate Student Organization (MGSO) at Case Western Reserve University (2007 - present). The MGSO was formed in 2001 to foster a student group identity and shared values. The MGSO meets once a month to discuss members' research experiences. Visit the MGSO website here.
  • Dr. Crespo and some of his group members have participated in a series of workshops for underrepresented 8th and 9th graders in the Cleveland Municipal School District focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The primary goal is to strength STEM concepts and motivates students to follow STEM career path in the future. This is a joint effort with Dr. LaShanda Korley, Assistant Professor of Macromolecular Science and Engineering Department at Case Western Reserve University.

  • STEM

    Figure legend: 8th and 9th graders from the Cleveland Municipal School District participating in workshops aimed at strengthening STEM concepts and motivating students to follow STEM career path in the future.

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities. The undergraduate research experience is critical for students pursuing advanced training in science. While the foundational knowledge acquired in courses is necessary for a solid education in chemistry, it is not sufficient to train students in the practice of chemistry. Crespo's objective had been to give students a place to explore their understanding of chemistry and to critically think through the best way to solve problems associated with the project. The undergraduate research experience prepares students to think independently and to participate in advancing the scholarship in chemistry. As a research advisor, Prof. Crespo work alongside his students as they develop the knowledge and skills to become independent scientists and have scientific literacy.