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SAGES (the Seminar Approach to General Education and Scholarship) offers students at Case Western Reserve University a series of small, interdisciplinary seminars extending through the entire undergraduate curriculum. All of the CWRU schools and colleges that grant undergraduate degrees participate in SAGES. Learn more.


Program Highlights

To learn more about the SAGES program's activities and achievements, 

please read the March 2012 SAGES Update and other news about SAGES.

“Puzzled!” CWRU'S SAGES

Students Piece Together Solutions

Puzzled about that homework assignment? So are 17 students in Bernard Jim’s “Puzzled” seminar at Case Western Reserve University as they face some tough mind-bending teasers of logic, coding and more. Jim’s course was named one of the quirkiest classes on any campus by Metro Newspapers in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. Find out more here.



SAGES First Seminar Explores The Literature of Fly Fishing

SAGES students explore an individual's relationship to the natural world through "The Literature of Fly Fishing," a SAGES seminar taught by John Orlock. Lessons from a master of the sport of fly casting are part of the syllabus. Find out more here.

"The Art of Fact" from Hollywood

Hollywood, CA -- Andrea Simakis, a Plain Dealer reporter who teaches the SAGES seminar "The Art of Fact," performed before a live studio audience on the television soundstage of the popular show "Hot in Cleveland," then wrote about the experience in an article published earlier this year.

"Have you been on camera before?" asked a makeup artist, tending to Andrea's deep "raccoon circles."

"I have," Simakis answered... "When I was 17 -- very briefly."

"Well, that's something that you can write about!" said the makeup artist.

Never! Simakis recoiled...(read more here).









Bradley Ricca, who teaches seminars on topics ranging from dinosaurs to comic books, took honors at the Las Vegas Film Festival for his independent film, Last Son, about the creation of the superhero. Watch the trailer. More recently, Ricca talked with NPR's All Things Considered about Joanne Siegal, wife of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and the inspiration for the character of Lois Lane, who was born in Cleveland and died in 2011 at age 93. He also published a tribute to Mrs. Siegel on The Beat: The News Blog of Comics Culture.