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The SAGES website is in the middle of a revamp. The new homepage is here:


The old site is where it always was.


Registration for Spring 2015 is now open, and a summary Guide to Spring 2015 SAGES Courses is now up.


Click here for a list of full Course Descriptions.


Students planning to graduate this semester: you will not graduate unless your SAGES Writing Portfolio has been accepted. Please use SIS to confirm that you have met the requirement. Please note the requirement is not just that the Portfolio is submitted, there is an approval process - this takes time, and when semester ends, we can't guarantee that everyone involved in the approval process will be here every day. The deadline passed a long time ago, you have received multiple warnings, but we can work with you if you get in touch with the SAGES Office.


Students looking to submit their Writing Portfolio can find a set of instructions here.


There is a list of books written by the SAGES Fellows here.




Congratulations to the students who have been recognized as having outstanding SAGES Writing Portfolios.


This award recognizes the best writing from those SAGES Writing Portfolios submitted in the academic year 2013-2014. A committee of faculty from across the university reviewed all portfolios in June 2014.

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Emily Bentley
  • Stefan Vladan Blagojevich
  • Daniel Brandt
  • Andrew Breland
  • McKenzie Clapp
  • Jacob Cogar
  • Russell Engelman
  • Oliver Ernst
  • Jeremy Frank
  • Ashley Howen
  • Sidi Huang
  • Elsa Imbimbo
  • Nathan Kong
  • Yewon Lee
  • Kara Meyer
  • Janice Moore
  • Thomas Norton
  • Jessie Liyi Peng
  • Rachel Rubenstein
  • Reuben Sass
  • Joshua Schwarz
  • John Simon
  • Theresa Smetona
  • Miarasa Steele
  • Rachel Steiner
  • Evan Telford
  • Amy Van
  • Jason Walsh
  • John Weibel
  • Andrew Wek
  • Valencia Williams
  • Elizabeth Windham
  • Karen Zoeller

Students who wish to work on their writing can schedule an appointment with the Writing Resource Center at or the SAGES Peer Writing Crew at today.






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