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Dr. Eckhard Jankowsky

Associate Professor


  • Ph.D.: Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany
  • Postdoc: Columbia University, New York, NY

Research Interests

Research in our laboratory focuses on roles and functions of RNA helicases. These highly conserved proteins are found from bacteria to humans and constitute the largest group of enzymes in eukaryotic RNA metabolism. Virtually all aspects of RNA metabolism involves RNA helicases, ATP-driven enzymes that remodel RNA and RNA-protein complexes. How RNA helicases catalyze such reactions is a key question in RNA metabolism with implications ranging from understanding the regulation of gene expression to delineating the cellular response to viral infections. Our current research concentrates on elucidating molecular mechanisms of RNA helicases and the function of these enzymes in their physiological environment. To address these questions, we utilize techniques ranging from quantitative biochemical and biophysical methods (including single molecule fluorescence) over molecular biological to cell biological approaches.

Selected References

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