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May, 2013

A printable consolidated view page in PDF format is now available via a link on the report page. This view provides a simple, one-stop location for enterers and approvers that displays speedtypes and account codes used for all expense lines in a report. Also, most student status issues have been resolved with a recent update.

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updated June, 2012

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Leading SEND BACK Triggers

July 17th - Pcard expenses should be indicated by checking the NON-REIMBUIRSABLE box under the expense line DETAIL. Otherwise, the payee will receive a reimbursement for the already-paid expense. .


June 11th- Local travel and expenses should be marked as LOCAL in DEFAULT LOCATION field. International expenses should be put under the INTERNATIONAL menu choice.

May 9th - Missing default speetype entered through main request page via ACCOUNTING DEFAULTS link

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