Department of Chemistry

Blanton S. Tolbert

Blanton S. Tolbert

Assistant Professor

216.368.0605      Millis G22

Interests: Biochemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Structural Biology

BS, University of South Carolina, 1999
PhD, University of Rochester, 2006
HHMI Postdoctoral Fellow, U of MD Baltimore County, 2006-2009

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Selected Publications
  • Feldman EA, Ni S, Sahu ID, Mishler CH, Levengood JD, Kushnir Y, McCarrick RM, Lorigan GA,Tolbert BS, Callahan SM, and Kennedy MA (2012) Differential binding between PatS C-terminal peptide fragments and HetR from Anabaena sp. PCC 7120. Biochemistry 51, 2436-42.
  • Levengood JD, Rollins C, Mishler CH, Johnson CA, Miner G, Rajan P, Znosko BM, and Tolbert BS (2012) Solution structure of the HIV-1 exon splicing silencer 3. JMB 414, 680-98.
  • Feldmann EA, Ni S, Sahu ID, Mishler CH, Risser DD, Murakami JL, Tom SK, McCarrick RM, Lorigan GA, Tolbert BS, Callahan SM, and Kennedy MA (2011) Evidence for direct binding between HetR from Anabaena sp. PCC 7129 and PatS-5. Biochemistry 50, 9212-24.
  • Miyazaki Y, Irobalieva RN, Tolbert BS, Smalls-Mantey A, Iyalla K, Loeliger K, D'Souza V, Khant H, Schmid MF, Garcia EL, Telesnitsky A, Chiu W, and Summers MF (2010) Structure of a conserved retroviral RNA packaging element by NMR spectroscopy and cryo-electron tomography. JMB 404, 751-772. Cover Article.
  • Hammond NB, Tolbert BS, Kierzek R, Turner DH, and Kennedy SD (2010) RNA internal loops with tandem AG pairs: The structure of 5'GAGU/3'UGAG can be dramatically different from others, including 5'AAGU/3'UGAA. Biochemistry 49, 5817-5827.
  • Tolbert BS, Miyazaki Y, Barton S, Kinde B, Stark P, Singh, R, Bax A, Case D, Summers MF (2010) Major groove width variations in RNA structures determined by NMR and impact of 13C residual chemical shift anisotropy and 1H-13C residual dipolar coupling on refinement. JBNMR, 47, 205-219.