Department of Art History and Art

Undergraduate Internship Outline
Department: European Paintings and Sculpture, 1500-1800
Curator, Jon. L. Seydl, Cleveland Museum of Art

The internship will comprise two parts.
The first will involve writing 5-10 short texts about objects in the collection for the museum’s website, concentrating on works which currently have no texts at all on line. This process will also involve updating the bibliography, exhibition history, and provenance (history of ownership) for these works of art and amplifying the related research files.

The second part will involve tagging (or keywording) the entire collection a way to deepen the ability for visitors to the website to search the collections.

The goal of the internship is to learn about how to conduct research quickly on new topics, to write effective short texts about works of art for the web, to learn how to conduct research on works of art; to learn about how the on-line presence of the collection is created.

Foreign languages are useful, but not required.

Please contact Prof. Scallen ( who is advising undergraduate internships this year, if you are interested in this internship.