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Squire Valleevue Farm - Ceramics Studio Facility - Virtual Tour

This virtual tour is a series of 360-degree cubic panoramas of the Squire Valleevue Farm Ceramics Studio Facility>.
These images give you the ability to see the entire room as if you were really there.
You can turn around and examine the room from all angles and even zoom in to get a better look

These panoramas from the CD-ROM 'The Raku Expereince'.

To view the virtual tour you must have Apple's QuickTime player loaded on your system.
To get QuickTime Cllick Here

Once an image has loaded, click and drag your mouse within the photo to look around the room.
Use the + or - keys on the QuickTime menu to zoom in and out.
Don't forget! You can also look up and down not just to the right or left.

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