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CWRU Chapter of the

American Association of University Professors




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Officers of CWRU AAUP




President Robert Petersen of Pathology

Treasurer Gary Stonum of English

Secretary Peter Whitehouse of School of Medicine

Past-president Ted Steinberg of History and Law


2013 News from National:

Text Box: Does the AAUP have a role to play at CWRU?
The CWRU faculty must play a lead role in the functioning of the University.  Working together with administration, board, staff, alums, and students, we must do our part in maintaining the academic standards of one of America’s leading educational institutions.

CWRU expects YOU to excel in Teaching, Service and Research.

YOU expect CWRU to guarantee Tenure, Academic Freedom and Faculty Governance.

These latter are fundamental principles championed by the AAUP since its founding over ninety years ago.
The 1940 AAUP Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure and the 1970 Interpretive Comments have been endorsed
by the Association of American Colleges, including Case and Western Reserve, and by over 150 educational and professional organizations.

Membership in the AAUP is open to college and university faculty members, administrators, graduate students, and the general public. Founded in 1915, AAUP defends academic freedom and tenure, advocates collegial governance, and develops policies ensuring due process
A Historic Restructuring of the National AAUP Organization

As of January 1, 2013, the AAUP enterprise consists of

1) the AAUP, a professional membership association that will look and act similarly to the previous AAUP;

2) the AAUP-CBC, a labor union; and

3) the AAUP Foundation, a public charity.

The AAUP enterprise shall operate cohesively and collaboratively, sharing a common commitment to academic freedom and shared governance, defining fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and ensuring higher education’s contribution to the common good. Each entity shall collectively and appropriately coordinate its operations. Each entity is briefly described below.


Please see links below for more information on the AAUP and how to join.


link to the complete2011-2012 nationwide faculty salary report

as it appeared in Academe, the AAUP national magazine.

The AAUP at Case Western Reserve University

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Ř  To learn about joining the local chapter, please contact Prof. Peter Whitehouse at 216-844-6448 or by e-mail (

Ř  Information about joining or renewing your membership in national AAUP is available at

Ř  For more information about the national AAUP, visit

Ř  Ohio Conference AAUP:

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Areas of Interest

To give an idea of the many areas of interest to the AAUP, we list here some of the topics discussed in the current AAUP Handbook:  dismissal proceedings; non-renewal of appointment; extramural utterances; political activity; artistic expression; campus speech codes; access to personnel files; tenure quotas; periodic evaluation; part-time faculty; non-tenure-track faculty; mandatory retirement; faculty liability; professional ethics; plagiarism; multiple authorship; workloads; affirmative action; sexual harassment; faculty role in budget and salary; intercollegiate athletics; faculty status of librarians; collective bargaining; student rights; accreditation; retirement and insurance benefits; leaves of absence; child-bearing; family emergencies.